About us

About us

We belive that blockchain and cryptocurrency will change our world.

We are crypto enthusiasts and this is why we want to help you participate in this new technology safely. With our best in class products you can easily secure your wallets, funds and future. Our products are aimed towards hodlers that believe in the future of blockchain technology.

With Coinplate you can hold on your cryptocurrencies for decades, watching your funds grow, while being sure that your seed phrase is secure.

Expertise & best manufacturing

We have over a decade of experience in manufacturing metal nameplates, signs and panels forย underground mining equipment, wind farms, trains and other demanding industries. We are a family company and quality is our priority.

We know which material and manufacturing techniques are best to guarantee long lasting solutions that can survive even the harshest conditions. We made Coinplate using this expertise, so we can be 100% sure about our products. 

All our products are made of best quality Stainless Steel of superior grade. Each Coinplate is precision cut and engraved using high tech laser machines. We do the machining in-house, so we have full control over quality and can offer flexible delivery times for our products.

Laser cutting

Superior materials

All Coinplates are 100% Stainless Steel. We use Stainless Steel grade 1.4301 / AISI 304 that cointains 18% Chromium (CR) and 8% Nickel (Ni). This type of Stainless Steel has exceptional corrosion and rust resistance and is used widely in chemical and heavy industry. It is also fireproof up to 1450ยฐC / 2650ยฐF.

When you combine excellent properties of Stainless Steel and very thick steel plates, you receive very sturdy product, that can survive many decades protecting your precious seed phrase.

Hot steel sheets

Easy to use

We made our priority to made Coinplate super easy to use. We think that you shouldn’t spend your time reading and following complicated instructions, learning binary code or translating letters to numbers like with other products.

Each Coinplate is made simple so you can easily preserve your seed recovery phrase while making sure you will be able to read your seed after few years, when you already forgot how it all worked. Thanks to innovative design, Coinplate is easy to use and easy to read. When it comes to reliability, keeping things simple is the best way to do.