Major update for Coinplate site. Change of platform and New features ahead

We are proud to announce that Coinplate website and online store available at getcoinplate.com move to a new platform. This will allow us to introduce new, important features for all of our viewers and customers.

What’s changed

We moved our website together with a blog to a new hosting provider which will vastly improve performance of our site. We achieved much shorter loading times for our viewers all around the world thanks to the new server and technical improvements.

Previously used technological platform was holding us back in implementing new features that you have been asking for. For now we implemented everything that was available before with few small additions. In the near future you will see new great features.

The new platform will allow us to add new blog posts more often, because of freed up resources, previously held up by site maintenance.

Site improvements list

  • better, more responsive layout
  • higher performance
  • auto calculating shipping fee based on visitor location
  • new payment options
  • more interactive content
  • better UX

What’s coming

We are working now on a new major feature that will protect your privacy even more than it is now. It will allow us to make automatic cleanups of our customer database every few months. This will protect all of our customers’ data from any possible data breaches. Also private data erasure requests will be more automated.

Beside that we will add new usability features to the site. We are looking forward to provide even better experience in the future.

During next few dates after update, you may experience occasional quirks or errors. We will iron them out.

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Coinplate offers ultra-durable seed phrase storage solutions. It’s an effective low-tech solution for a high-tech problem.

Our products are 100% Stainless Steel and are designed to endure a lot.

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