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The SLIP39 Wordlist – full, official list

SLIP39, also known as Shamir’s Secret Sharing for Mnemonic Codes, is an advanced method for securing cryptocurrency seed phrases. This protocol allows users to split their seed phrase into multiple shares, enhancing security and providing redundancy. SLIP39 is particularly useful for those who want to distribute their seed phrase across different locations or among trusted […]

What Is a BIP39 Passphrase? Enhancing the Security of Your Crypto Wallet

Introduction In the world of cryptocurrencies, security is of utmost importance. One of the key components in securing your digital assets is protecting your wallet’s seed phrase. But did you know that you can add an extra layer of security to your wallet by using a BIP39 passphrase? A BIP39 passphrase is an optional phrase […]

Bip39 Compatible Wallets List (2024 Updated)

Bip39 Compatible Wallets List (2024 Updated) Want to check which wallets support the BIP39 mnemonic recovery seed phrase? Read the article below to find out. Jump straight to the list Contents: What is BIP39 In the past, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets were created and accessed using private keys. The private key has many characters […]

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Bip39 Wordlist In English Printable – One Page Pdf

Bip39 Wordlist In English Printable – One Page Pdf For your convenience, we designed a printout of full BIP39 Wordlist. You can use this to safely check all your seed phrase words offline, safe from hackers. If you marked any words with a pen on your copy, destroy the paper sheet safely so no one […]

BIP39 Wordlist


What is BIP39? With the introduction of BIP39, the whole process of generating and accessing bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets was simplified. This was to simplify process of creating recovery seeds for your wallet and restoring it. BIP39 comes from Bitcoin Improvement Proposal no. 39. With BIP39 recovery phrase (also called mnemonic phrase), user can backup and recover […]

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Understanding BIP39: Mnemonic Phrases and Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets Introduction Background on BIP39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39) As the world of cryptocurrency continues to expand, securing digital assets has become a critical concern for users. One of the most important developments in this area is BIP39, or Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39. Introduced in 2013 by developers […]