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Bip39 Wordlist In English Printable – One Page Pdf

For your convenience, we designed a printout of full BIP39 Wordlist. You can use this to safely check all your seed phrase words offline, safe from hackers.

If you marked any words with a pen on your copy, destroy the paper sheet safely so no one can try to guess your seed phrase.

Print ready in pdf format. Only one page A4 / Letter. For best results use a laser printer and disable toner saving.

Download 1 page BIP39 Wordlist PDF printout below:

Is this too small for you? Below you can get a 2 page version with a bigger font size.

See BIP39 Word list in online format.

Remember to store your seed phrase safely!

Secure your seed phrase with ultra durable stainless backup

BIP39 is a standard feature of almost all cryptocurrency hardware and software wallets. It is a standard of creating seed phrases and connected addresses with their respective private keys.

Although there are BIP39 wordlists in languages other than English, it is strongly not recommended to use non-English words for wallet backups. It might make restoring the wallet difficult or impossible.

This list is numbered from 1 to 2048, the same as in the official BIP39 specification (Source). Please note that elsewhere you can quite often see the list numbered 0-2047, so be aware of that. Especially if your backup is just word numbers, not full words.

If you would like to read more about BIP39 please follow one of the links below.

Additional resources:

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